The magical Agrafa Mountains

  • Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evrytania, Greece
Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evrytania, Greece

The magical Agrafa Mountains

The more inaccessible is a landscape the more is difficult to grant virginity. The journey merges with the adventure and finally becomes and exploration. An exploration with the use of a vehicle 4×4 which will provide you the freedom to discover the the paths of the few.

The Krenti village is the gateway to the beautiful and spectacular landscape, one of the most pure of our country. The area’s name means “not written” and it is true, Agrafa are not written in the books of the “civilized” world. The mountains, rivers, forests still hold the leading part in the landscape and the visitors simply listen to the melody of silence of untouched nature.

From Krenti, a typical village of Agrafa, begins the road to the village Agrafa, a most beautiful route. From the very beginning of this journey, it offers spectacular, panoramic view of the valley of the river Agrafiotis. The road and the river live “parallel lives” and they first meet at bridge of Varvariadas. There will be three more meetings over the Agrafa bridges. Here, just after the bridge, look right down to the riverbed traces of furnaces the locals erect to make charcoal, supplying the capital Karpenissi. Immediately after that spot, a sign shows the detour for the asolated village Monastiraki, which is in 3 km.

The second meeting of the road with Agrafiotis river happens at the bridge of Karvasaras, and is the gateway of the most imposing and wild part of the route. Now your are moving in a narrow street in the shadow of towering cliffs, your only company is the vivid splash of water of the river, which spin and hastily leave towares the lake Kremaston, contrary to the direction of your journey.

The magnificent experience of this journey continues until the bifurcation. On your left the road leads to the most picturesque villages Epiniana and Trovato and on your right leads to the village Agrafa. Following the right direction, the traveler should be careful not to leave behind the bridge of Kakos, over Kakorema, without seeing it. This beautiful stone bridge is difficult to discern because it is hidden in the the forest.

The road has already started going up to the village Agrafa, which is located on a plateau, 830 m. altitude, literally at the root of the mountain. The old church and the houses with tiled roofs that dance the melody of quietness, surrounded by the forests of the high mountains is a memory a visitor will never forget.

To return to Krenti, visitors can choose a different route, which passes through the beautiful small villages Paramerita, Marathos and Kloupoukitsa.