The beautiful Chelidona Mountains

  • Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evrytania, Greece
Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evrytania, Greece

The beautiful Chelidona Mountains

To explore the beauty of Chelidona mountain the traveler should choose the road to Frangistes, bridge of Episkopi and Agrinio. From Bagasaki area you should follow the sign that points to Fidakia and enter to the soil roads of Chelidona. The route runs through the wooded slopes of the mountain, passes by the “forgotten” villages Stefani and Sella and reaches Fidakia. The village is at an altitude of 700 m., has few residents, but enchants the visitor with its stone houses and red roofs. Nearby there are traces of the fortress (objects of an ancient settlement are found). It is speculated that the famous ancient Ichalia may has built in this location.

From here the descent is breathtaking as the old trees create the right frame of panoramic images of the lake of Kremaston. The road passes through Ag. Vlacherna and ends at the point where the river Trikeriotis meets the lake, branching south to the villages of Sarkini, Velota, Aspropirgos, Proussos or north towards the village Agalianoi, passes the bridge of the Episkopi and goes to Anatoliki and Dytiki Frangista.

On the way from Karpenissi to Eastern Frangista is the location of “Sotiras” which requires the visitor to stop. Here the huge source irrigates for centuries the towering trees and the oaks. The small church of Sotiros, with the impressive murals, the chandelier and the wooden temple built in 1732 with a clear Ionian influence, creates a strong sense of piety. It is a remnant of an old monastery that once stood on this site. It was renovated in 1725, but probably it was built during the late Byzantine years.

Dytiki Frangista can be the starting point for journeys to get to know the landscape of river Tavropos. Visitors can perform a cycle which includes the picturesque villages Amiriani, Marathia, Kato Marathia, Dytiko Paparousi, Paparousi, Monastiraki and Kalesmeno.