Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evritania, Greece

The beautiful Mega Chorio

Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evrytania, Greece

The beautiful Mega Chorio

Mega Chorio is the capital of the municipality of Potamia. It has many picturesque streets and has a strong tourism industry. The chapel of Ag. Athanassios just before entering the village predisposes for the charm of the area. Right at the entrance of the village, you can follow the marked path to the source of the waterfall. With leafy trees, small wooden bridges and melodiously water route, the place is really magnificent.

The forest surrounds Mega Chorio and abundant water adds to the coolness of the summer. The picturesque stone houses retain their traditional character while the trails pass near the stream with small waterfalls and wooden bridges.

In the village you will find the old church of Ag. Paraskevi, built 150 years ago, and also the Byzantine style church of Ag. Gerasimos the Megalohorites the Younger, who was martyred in Constantinople on 03/07/1812. The church was built in his honor by the vibrant and progressive Association of the Residenses of Mega Chorio “Agia Paraskevi”.

Extremely interesting is the Folklore Museum that hosts traditional costumes, household items and traditional creations. Traditional sweets and evritanian products can be found in Mega Chorio and Gavros. Finally, if you are in the area during summer, do not forget to attend the fair of Panagia Prousiotissa which settles in Gavros in the 23rd of August.