Traditional Guesthouse Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evritania, Greece

Prousos Monastery – Black Cave

  • Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evrytania, Greece
Levanta, Mega Chorio, Evrytania, Greece

Prousos Monastery – Black Cave

According to tradition, the foundation of the monastery is placed in the reign of the iconoclast emperor Theophilus (829-842 AD) and is linked to the adventures and the appearance of the holy icon of Virgin Mary from the Proussa of Bithynia (in Asia Minor) in the cave of this area.

The shelter of the icon is the exact location where the monastery was built, surrounded by a majestic and wild landscape. Today, the monastery is a place of pilgrimage believers from all over Greece.


Mavri Spilia – The unique via ferrata route

The gorge of Mavri Spilia (Black Cave) is about 2km from the village of Proussos. This is one of the most beautiful and impressive gorges of Evritania. It took its name from the famous Mavri Spilia which was a refuge for the inhabitants during the Ottoman period and the German occupation. What makes the canyon stand out is the only via ferrata route, which entry is marked by Mavri Spilia.

The route the visitor will follow starts from a wonderful stone source near the bridge of Proussos-Tornos. It continues with a steep in places but quite passable trail through a forest of firs and as he approach the water of the gorge, of willows trees. The beautiful images succeed one another with picturesque wooden bridges and waterfalls (which are offered for swimming) until we reach the imposing Mavri Spilia and the remaining ruins of a stone shelter.

The gorge is not too difficult to explore and that make it suitable for beginners. it has 10 technical descents and the highest waterfall has a height of 15 meters.