Panta Vrexei Canyon

One of the most spectacular and beautiful areas of Evritania is the Panta Vrexei Canyon located between the villages Roska and Doliana at the south of the county.

The name means "always raining" and is due to the fact that in the gorge the flow of the icy water coming down the steep mountain Kaliakouda is not continuous and compact but decays to a wide range of small and large drops, creating a continuous artificial rain turning the already beautiful landscape into a breathtaking.

There are three routes you can choose to reach the canyon, all you have is to drive a car (a jeep is recommended) and then to hike into the river (river trekking) to reach the canyon. Try it and you will really be rewarded by the wild beauty of the landscapes you will see!

Route A

 Route B

 Route C 

Hiking river trekking
The hike starts at Krikeliotis river and the bridge Stournaras Roska, a route of 40 minutes when walking into the river and on rocks (needs attention especially when it is wet as it is very slippery). During summer the water level hardly exceed the height of an average adult (only in a few spots) making the traversing relatively easy even for children (with constant adult supervision).

At the beginning of our journey to the gorge we will admire the hanging bridge of Krikeliotis river and some beuatiful small waterfalls and springs that flow into the river. At the base of the waterfall of Panta Vrexei there are small natural pools bordering with icy crystal water (are offered for those who are adventurous swimming) and little magical rainbows created by the "rain". The canyon offers many beautiful images and makes it suitable for photography. Other activities are canoe kayak and rafting.